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Static Guarding & Mobile Security Patrols

Security Guarding Services
Mobile Patrols
Security Projects provides mobile security patrol services to our clients when their businesses are at their most vulnerable. The mobile patrol officers are fully trained as to the requirements of each individual site and have an in depth knowledge of the local area that they patrol.
The patrol officer will react quickly in the event of any disturbance being detected at the client’s site. Whilst on site and detecting a disturbance the patrol officer will contact the monitoring station to report the incident and they will carry out the client’s instructions as recorded in the control room database.

In the case of an alarm at the client’s site the monitoring station will contact the patrol officer by way of two way radio and ensure a prompt response.

Security Projects uses the tour System for their client’s peace of mind. This system makes use of a small button which is placed at the client’s location or in the case of larger sites can be placed in a number of strategic locations.  Upon attendance at the site the mobile patrol officer will scan this button with the probe, this automatically records the time and date of the scan.

The probe records the data number contained within the button and is downloaded onto a database. A printout or word document can then be made of the patrols conducted at the client’s site and forwarded to them upon request or at agreed time frames. This information is also audited by Security Projects management to ensure compliance with our client’s service requirements.

This service ensures that Security Projects is at all times transparent and honest in our dealings with our client’s.

Our Guarding division is an extremely versatile body able to perform all forms of security guarding. All officers undergo our induction training which covers a variety of standard security procedures and issues but we also incorporate new security issues as they arise, such as teaching counter-terrorism awareness.

We have successfully catered security for, shopping centres & building sites. All Security Projects ‘ officers are fully licensed and attired impeccably in either a Security Projects uniform or as per client instructions. They are highly trained, professional and courteous enabling them to control any situation quickly and effectively.

Onboard Cameras Fitted in all mobile patrol vehicles

Key Holding

Why should you choose Security Projects to do your key holding.

  • 24/7 Service – Regardless of whether a break-in occurs late at night or in the early hours of the morning, it is a key holder’s duty to be on call 24/7. Therefore, you can rest assured that your business will be protected and safeguarded around the clock.
  • Response time – Seeing as Security Projects key holding services make use of mobile units, you will benefit from rapid response times. Along with securing the premises quickly, they may even be able to catch the perpetrators red handed.
  • Low risk– Having a trained key holder to look after your premises eliminates potential risk for you and the business’s employees. If you or another member of staff were to respond to an alarm or intrusion, there is a chance that burglars could cause harm or injury.
  • Responsibility– As a professional key holding company we know exactly how alarm systems work, how to deal with thieves and how to report crimes. This heavy responsibility may be too much for you or your workforce to handle.
  • False alarms – Most intruder activations are actually false alarms, which can be incredibly inconvenient to you and detrimental to business productivity. But this won’t be a problem if a key holding firm is handling your security.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Compared to employing security guards to be at your premises all the time, key holding is a much more cost-effective way of safeguarding valuable business assets.
  • Peace of mind – Perhaps above all else, A key holding company gives you real peace of mind that any burglary or alarm activation will be dealt with swiftly in a proficient and professional way, and a detailed report will be sent to the client.