Guard Dog Security

Operational Patrol Dog Unit
Security Projects UK Ltd Operational Patrol Dog Units are an extremely effective and adaptable specialty service that we pride ourselves on. Being able to utilize some of the most experienced and qualified professionals within the Security Services Industry. Not only do our Dog and Handler teams meet the British Standards but they can pride themselves on their assertive attitudes, appearance, site management and backgrounds from the Police, Military and Security Industry.

Our committed General Purpose (GP) patrol dog and handler teams provide greater flexibility than two uniformed security officers could, between them they have a unique trained ability to detect trespassers, it is not only a proven deterrent and greater protective measure, but is also a cost-effective resource.

The quality of the dog and handler team not only derives from careful selection of canine breeding and the handlers background, but the quality of training they receive, our aim is to employ the most professional experienced and qualified teams within the security services industry. Our Instructors and Trainers insist on the highest standards. The dog and handler teams regardless of background, prior experience and qualifications must meet the specific criteria, which adhere to the British Standards.

Dog and Handler teams are trained, assessed and qualified to a high standard as dictated by the government regulatory body.

Our vehicles display unique livery with all necessary warning signs and equipment specialized for the role and title, Dog units are an incredible deterrent for unwanted people and groups on assignments and premises, keeping loss and damage to a minimum.

Our dogs and handlers movements are monitored using log books, incident reports, Diester patrols and check calls to our 24-hour control room. This ensures the safety of our officers and the quality of our service. This information is available to you immediately on request.

The Company had a positive input into the codes of practice and the codes of ethics of the bodies that govern the security dog industry to date, namely NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) and BIPDT (British institute of Professional Dog Trainers).

Narcotic Search Dog Teams
Drugs search handlers operate dogs for both pro-active and passive scanning operations. Working alongside a warranted Police Officer these dog teams are able to undertake searches conducted in conjunction with the execution of warrants issued under the misuse of drugs act and other legislative authorities to conduct searches plus passive scanning operations.

In the private sector they may be deployed at any location where the unlawful use or supply of narcotics is suspected, including licensed premises, staff locker rooms, recreational areas and entrance turnstiles at entertainment venues, factories, offices, schools, colleges and hostels.

Explosive Search Dog Teams
The threat of terrorist activity coupled with the use of improvised explosive devices is forever present. Explosives Search Dog Teams provide Police Search Advisors (POLSA) with a search team capability in respect of all defensive search operations. In the private sector these teams can be utilised to conduct searches on routes, open terrain, buildings and vehicles at entertainment venues, shopping centres, ports and corporate venues either as an on-going contract or during identified periods of heightened threat level.