Freight Security

Freight Security Consultancy
We have assisted road hauliers and logistics companies with fraud investigations, asset protection, movements and covert surveillance or shadowing of high value loads to ensure their safe delivery.

We routinely escort high value shipments from the UK to various destinations in Europe ensuring the safety of the driver and the load particularly during rest stops and overnight stops on long journeys. We remain with the Driver and his load until the load is accepted and the security seal broken.

Several methods are employed to ensure the safety of the driver and the load including the use of unmarked shadowing vehicles with close protection trained staff, use of trailers with livery suggesting a low value load, vehicle tracking, use of secure harbour areas, video recording, code words and stress codes to escalate an incident procedure to name but a few.

We also provide security awareness and anti-hijack training for drivers, owner-drivers and hauliers giving them very useful knowledge on how best to protect themselves, their vehicles and their loads. In difficult times such as these, when the risk increases as the threat changes, drivers should have additional security awareness training in an attempt to negate any potential threats. This is particularly relevant to protect not only the staff and assets but also the employer with respect to corporate manslaughter legislation.

We can also validate the integrity of other staff too. If an organisation has concerns about existing staff then we can place one of our employees in-house to observe daily movements. We can also be used to verify the integrity of your current security team and arrangements.

These tasks are carried out by seasoned, experienced, qualified professionals, all of whom possess the patience, discipline and professional competency to ensure the job is seen through to the end, no matter how mundane or repetitious. They are also very experienced in liaising with police and other agencies at a national level if required.

All documentation produced, whether for evidential purposes in criminal or civil proceedings or insurance/fraud mitigation is prepared by former police officers ensuring that it is not only robust but it is “fit for purpose”

Highly skilled financial and criminal investigation staff are available to carry out deep investigations into any kind of suspected wrongdoings. If required we can bolt capability onto your existing security provision or act as a standalone security provider as required.