Cyber & I.T.

I.T. Protection & Cyber Security
In a connected online world we face a wide range of visible and invisible threats to our business and personal security. We provide a wide range of services to private clients and the small to medium business sector.

Our scope and level of interaction can range from consultancy and audits of internal systems, through to design, planning & implementation of policies, hardware, systems and software.

Our key is to raise awareness and be proactive with our clients, thus enabling us to protect most aspects of their activities from todays I.T & cyber related threats or vulnerabilities. The current range of threats posed to UK businesses and private clients can be vast and wideranging.

Key Services
Below is a overviw of the key services we provide. Please contact us for further details, or with your individual specialist requirements.

Security Auditing
A full consultancy service to review all systems and provide a report on vulnerabilities.

Data Security
Onsite data protection & theft prevention, offsite asset lockdown & data encryption.

Cyber Vulnerabilities
Firewall protection, mail washing, antivirus, anti malware, ransomware protection, anti exploit for browser and software vulnerabilities.

Asset tracking
Laptops, tablets & phones are not always configured to utilise the full scope of inbuilt protection, we can advise and configure.